We aim to inspire and better people’s lives, by thinking differently about healthcare.

Our vision is supported by our core values


Critical Care

It is our vision to provide high quality critical care in the independent sector by utilising a large team of like-minded, enthusiastic critical care doctors – all of whom have experience of busy NHS intensive care jobs.

Many of the staff have worked as part of Wythenshawe’s ECMO team. RiSE have supplied the Critical Care Service to Spire Manchester for 5 years. The CQC rated this service as ‘Outstanding’. Over 60 doctors have now worked for RiSE in recent years. Many of the middle grade critical care doctors have gone on to high-flying consultant jobs around the country. We’re very proud of them.


RiSE RMO Services

We have made it our mission to change the role of the Ward RMO in the independent sector. Over the years, these doctors have not been well looked after, they’ve not had the opportunities they should have – and they’ve not had consultant leadership looking out for their interests.

We Are RiSE, in partnership with Spire Manchester, are changing that. We believe in thinking big and we are a force for optimism. We believe passionately that the future can be better than where we are today. If you’re FY3 and above and have an entrepreneurial attitude – get in touch!


RiSE Education

After delivering a talk to his daughter’s science class at Cheadle Hulme School 10 years ago, Julian utilised the RiSE team to develop an inspirational, fully interactive teaching session focusing on science and technology in healthcare.

The showpiece of this awesome session was having the children perform a heart transplant, complete with a real heart bypass machine. This featured on Granada Reports but was then expanded to include dissection of a heart, managing a heart attack and CPR training. 



We believe in thinking big and thinking differently. We have the team and the ideas to challenge the norm.

We are a force for optimism. The very essence of RiSE is in the name.

We believe that the future can be better than where we are today.

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