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We are RiSE

We’re a team. We may come from from different medical backgrounds, we may have different specialisms, but we all work together, using the power of teamwork, motivation and forward-thinking to make a real difference.

  • Dr Julian Barker
    Director & Founder

    Dr Julian Barker

    Director & Founder

    My name is Julian Barker, I’m a doctor, and I’m the founder of RiSE. I came to Manchester first as a medical student in 1988 and have worked all over the city since, managing the Cardiothoracic Critical Care Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital, developing the ECMO Service at (what was then) UHSM and providing leadership for Cardiothoracic Critical Care, Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and the ECMO Service.

    Inspired by the buzz about Manchester, I realised we could do more. In July 2016 I approached Spire hospital group with an offer to look after the medical aspects of the new Critical Care Unit being built in Didsbury, South Manchester. Joined by my good friends, vascular surgeon Mo Baguneid and consultant Lee Feddy, we put together an expert team bound by one idea: the transformative power of teamwork. The result was RiSE, an organisation bringing together highly-able and like-minded doctors.

    Ultimately, our aim is to go beyond just providing healthcare. We want to inspire young people, getting them excited and fired up by science and medicine, and opening their eyes to what’s out there. RiSE will inspire young people ranging from junior school children through A-Levels to medical students and beyond, providing inspirational classroom roleplay scenarios. We’ll go further too, teaching everyone from trainee doctors to consultants. The aim is to build the team of the future, people who will work together to make life better for patients all across Manchester, the North West and beyond.

  • Professor Mo Baguneid
    Co-Director & Partner
  • Dr Lee Feddy
    Co-Director & Partner
  • Mrs Lisa Barker
    Co-Director & Company Secretary
  • Dr Alan Ashworth
    Consultant in Cardiothoracic Critical Care & Anaesthesia
  • Dr Igor Fedor
    Consultant in Cardiothoracic Critical Care & Anaesthesia
  • Dr Michael Charlesworth
    Cardiothoracic Critical Care & Anaesthesia
  • Dr Jenny Cunningham
    Consultant in Intensive Care & Anaesthesia
  • Dr Ahmed Zaki
    Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine
  • Dr Sunil Kumar

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RiSE are a forward thinking healthcare group who believe in the power of a good attitude, friendliness and motivation by inspiration.

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