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At RiSE, we’re a collective of critical care specialists who believe in the transformational power of teamwork.

Teamwork really does
change everything

Be it a ward, a boardroom or a school assembly hall, get the right people with the right skills working together, and anything is possible.

That’s why we bring together forward-thinking experts from a variety of medical backgrounds. Working together, this inspirational team of caregivers uses the power of teamwork, motivation and old-fashioned friendliness to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Unique in the world of
private healthcare

Not only do we offer critical care services like consultant intensivists and middlegrade critical care doctors, we also offer ward RMO services.

We believe in making a difference, and through a combination of strong teamwork and the belief that ‘together is better,’ we do exactly that.

Dr Julian Barker, Director & Founder

We believe that together, anything is possible

We’re a team. We may come from different medical backgrounds, we may have different specialisms,
but we all work together, using the power of teamwork, motivation and forward-thinking to make a real difference.

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Are you an entrepreneurial medic with a great attitude? Keen to develop yourself as part of a larger team?.

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